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Angel, “Time Bomb”

The boy’s a time bomb. By Anthony Karcz September 16, 2004 Now I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for temporal displacement episodes. Started early, cutting my teeth on the mind fuck eps of ST:TNG. Back then, it was novel, a fresh concept; now everyone’s doing the Time Warp again — a time shift here, a displaced memory there, and, voila!,…

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Angel, “Underneath”

Kickin’ ass in the burbs (originally posted – 4/14/04) By Anthony Karcz September 16, 2004 When I realized that Fain and Craft (of “Harm’s Way” infamy) were behind this evening’s episode, I was less than thrilled. Have to say, I’m glad that, for once, they gave me a reason to take off the critic’s hat and geek out. We start…

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