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Dweebs on Disney: Small World, After All

I don’t even like Peter Pan. By Matt Springer April 13, 2005 I am the only adult male in the Disney Character Outlet store. That’s not fully true. I see one or two other guys. But seeing as they’re with either eager wives and/or children, it may be safer to say I’m the only adult male willingly in the Disney…

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Dweebs on Disney: Orphans are the New Black

Nuclear families? So over By Sarah Wolf April 22, 2005 Somewhere in the bowls of the Disney archive, there has to be a memo from Walt to the nine old men outlining the standard Disney character. After listing standard traits (plucky, can carry a tune, talks with woodland creatures), I imagine it has a final caveat: “Also, must be orphaned;…

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“Serenity” Review

Shiney! By David B. Grelck May 06, 2005 I’ve been threatened. With drawn and quartering and all sorts of miscellaneous other horrors that Reavers would enjoy quite a bit. Threatened bodily harm if I so much as come close to something someone would term a spoiler about Serenity, Joss Whedon’s film directorial debut, which also happens to be a film…

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