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Geek Chic: The List

Cool? Not Cool? Always Cool. By Ivan Sian July 26, 2002 OK, IT Lists seem to be the bee’s knees these days. People love lists and love to see who or what’s Cooler than Jesus. Hell, E! has created an entire show around that concept. We here at EG are no different. As a result, consider the following list of random Geek Chic, presented…

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Dead Air: Seeing Things

I’m seeing things, believe me, that I’ve sort of seen before. By Chris Stewart July 18, 2002 Raise your hand if you remember this one. If you lived in the States, probably not. If you lived anywhere else in the world, then yes, you probably do (well, and you have to be over 20). This (and don’t hold this against…

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My Day At Wizard World

Dude, it’s, like, post-apocalyptic and stuff. By Matt Springer July 11, 2002 Ah, Wizard World. You’re an old cat with new tricks. I remember the days when you were the Chicago Comicon, and I used to save up my nickels and dimes from slaving in the hot janitorial pits of St. Jude the Apostle grade school, yearning for the chance…

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