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War of the Worlds

Here come the Thetans! By Matt Springer July 01, 2005 There are many kinds of Spielberg movies, and many flavors of Spielberg. There is the preachy ham-handed Spielberg of Amistad, the genius collaborator Spielberg of Raiders, the light and boppin’ Spielberg of Catch Me If You Can. Then there is the Spielberg who is the master engineer of popcorn entertainment,…

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The Island

“Tonight… on Biography.” Sorry, I have MST3K on the brain. All will become apparent in time. By Chris Stewart July 22, 2005 Take Parts: The Clonus Horror, with a touch of The Sixth Day. Maybe a jigger of Coma (you know, Tom Selleck’s first movie.) Cram it full of action, and enough blatant product placements to make it like a running commercial, with all…

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