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Guilty As Charged

The Gilmore Girls By Ivan Sian June 24, 2002 I’m back. Like a bad penny, I keep turning up. Your friendly neighborhood crank and surly old man (in attitude, if not in age–Hey you, get off my lawn!) of the Internet is back with a whole new column. This column is all about Guilty Pleasures–mostly mine, but if properly goaded…

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Marching to a Different Toon

Liquid surrealism By John Grant June 24, 2002 The release of a collection of the short movies of John Canemaker,┬áMarching to a Different Toon, is something of a major event in animation circles, and Milestone are much to be congratulated for it. My only real complaint about it is that it’s too short: at a mere 60 minutes it leaves…

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