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Buffy, “Lies My Parents Told Me”

Peaches? Is that you? By Sarah Kuhn March 27, 2003 I haven’t called Spike “Peaches” since season 5. Truth be told, I haven’t really enjoyed the character since s5, with a few notable exceptions (“Tabula Rasa,” for example) sprinkled in here and there. And while I’m not quite ready to don my “Love’s Bitch” Fan Club beanie again, at least…

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Angel, “Salvage”

Five by five. By Anthony Karcz March 07, 2003 Faith is back. That sentence alone is enough to send the whole of Buffy fandom into a rabid, frothing fit. But wait, there’s more: Wes sees dead people! The Beast is hoisted on his own petard! Babies are having babies! Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We open with the…

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Farscape, The Wormhole #5

Top Ten Things You Need To Know Before The End. By Diana Estigarribia March 10, 2003 With so many things coming to a head in “Hot to Katratzi,” and so little time left, I think it’s time to praise, condemn, and perhaps predict a thing or two about what is sure to be the proverbial stunning conclusion. There’s only one…

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