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On The Jazz #19: Bye Bye Angel

Enjoy the timeless void. By Matt Springer September 16, 2004 And so, with a quiet WB-level whimper, Joss Whedon’s imagination leaves television screens on Wednesday night. The final episode of Angel marks the end of 12 seasons’ worth of original television straight from the fresh brains of Whedon and his consistently excellent casts and crews. (And that doesn’t even count the sorta-half…

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Angel, “Power Play”

One down, one to go. (originally posted – 5/12/04) By Anthony Karcz September 16, 2004 Time keeps on tickin’ as we come to the penultimate episode of Angel. But has Angel really turned to the Dark Side? Does Lindsay succeed in being smirkily vague? More importantly, does Busty Nina finally have her day in the sun? Read on, True Believer! No…

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