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The Transporter

This flick is tits (i.e. that means it’s pretty fuckin’ entertaining). By Spence D October 12, 2002 I must admit that I was muy apprehensive about seeing The Transporter, especially given the fact that it is the creation of the same folks responsible for the utterly inane, roiling piece of shit action dud Kiss of the Dragon. Same producer, same screenwriter, same…

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Birds of Prey, “Premiere”

Gotham Girls. By Diana Estigarribia October 10, 2002 Birds of Prey pick up where Batman left off, and it’s one step forward for girl power and two steps backward for genre TV. While there’s enough to keep you watching, the show doesn’t quite resonate yet. This is mostly due to a really dumb plot and some bad acting, plus those annoying…

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Birds of Prey, “Prey for the Hunter”

Mulder Jr. as a metahuman. By Diana Estigarribia October 24, 2002 “Prey for the Hunter” focuses on a killer loose in New Gotham who’s targeting metahumans. Helena is pissed that this dude is knocking off su gente so she takes it personal. Meanwhile, Dinah starts high school and finds she doesn’t fit in. (Aww, I hate it when that happens to a…

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