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Gilmore Girls, “We Got Us A Pippi Virgin!”

Yep, Dave knows it’s a week late. By David B. Grelck October 27, 2004 Oh I think all that needs to be said about last week’s episode is Lauren Graham is wearing black Lisa Loeb type glasses for at least forty percent of the episode. Geeks around the world rejoice. There is much dancing. Okay, not all? Perhaps there are…

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Gilmore Girls, “You Jump, I Jump Jack”

I can’t NOT use the letter E By David B. Grelck November 09, 2004 Okay, yes, I’m a bit behind. So I’ve decided to just mention the reason that last week was so difficult is because it seemed to be a meandering collection of ideas that didn’t quite gel into a full story. Sure there was a lot of interesting…

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