The Fangirl Advisor

Life’s geekiest questions answered!

By The Fangirl Advisor
February 09, 2005

Once upon a time, Entertainment Geekly played host to the illustrious Fanboy Advisor. The Advisor was quite refined in the ways of drink and love and, um, where to find “special” vending machines. He was wise. Then…well, we’re not sure exactly what happened, but apparently the Advisor inherited a bunch of money, went on a bender (a classy bender, this being the Advisor and all), and now resides on his own island off the coast of Greece with his six wives (we’ve heard at least two are Vulcan, in case you were wondering). Congratulations to the Advisor, if this is actually the case!

However, this left a sad, gaping hole in EG — ’tis nearly (if not quite) as big as the one in our collective heart since all those Whedon shows went off the air. But now we can be whole once more, for the Fangirl Advisor has agreed to take the reins! The Fangirl Advisor was actually the Fanboy Advisor’s designated “expert” in matters of the geek girl mind and heart, so you can rest assured that she (usually) knows what she’s talking about (sort of). She’s here to offer you advice on all of your geek-related queries, be they related to love, nerdiquette (ha ha…oh, sorry, the Advisor is a little bit proud of that term she just made up) or whatever strikes your fancy. The Advisor will tell all, from how to throw a slammin’ Wonderfalls marathon party to when it is appropriate to wear one of those garish, painted anime button-downs so often spotted at Comic-Con (hint: the answer to the latter is actually “never”).

The Advisor will not, however, answer any more questions about panty vending machines — she has to draw the line somewhere.