Farscape, The Wormhole #5

Top Ten Things You Need To Know Before The End.

By Diana Estigarribia
March 10, 2003

With so many things coming to a head in “Hot to Katratzi,” and so little time left, I think it’s time to praise, condemn, and perhaps predict a thing or two about what is sure to be the proverbial stunning conclusion. There’s only one way to approach this: point-by-point.

Scorpius. He is The Man! (or the Hybrid). But he is certainly not the Spy. Or at least, not just a spy. His destiny is tied to the Scarrans, by birth; it makes sense that when this Plot Is Revealed, that he’ll be right smack in the middle of the action. I think when the revelation comes, it will be a doozy, and Scorpius will surprise everyone yet again, proving that he’s one of TV’s great villains, and characters.

Sikozu.. Of all the new characters the series introduced, Sikozu is my favorite. She’s canny, and cute, and she’s got a soft spot for The Man (see above). Now we find she’s part of some kind of organized Kalish resistance, plus, she’s some kind of souped-up being. Cool…but, it begs one big question, which is:

What about Undeveloped Characters and Dropped Storylines? Remember Chiana’s visions and accompanying loss of (physical) sight? And how about The Nebari? I won’t let the series off the hook by saying, “Oh, well, they didn’t have a chance as they got cancelled.” That just won’t wash. They’ve had plenty of time to introduce Jool, Noranti, Sikozu, Grayza, dozens of Scarran ministers and the like, while regular characters went by the wayside. When you think about what they did with Sikozu, it just points out what they didn’t do with others. But, ultimately, this show is about one person, and that is:

John Crichton.Gotta say it: our beloved Erpman spends the whole time thinking he’s outfoxed, out-danced, and out-thunk the Scarrans, peacekeepers, Scorpy…you name it, John’s Ego Conquered—or so he thinks. As always, he’s at least one step behind the movers-and-shakers. That’s fine. You know, now that we can look back at four years of Farscape, that’s how it should be. The confused human trying to make his way in a hostile universe, clawing and fighting against myriad opponents like.…

Scarrans, Peacekeepers, Charrids, Kalish. There will be a quiz on the various alien races in the episode after this column. I need a scorecard, here, people! For a minute there I thought some characters might spill out of my TV set and run about my living room. The series is once again packing them in tight and speculation is rampant about their role, evidenced by.…

Spoiler Warnings. I don’t read ’em or heed ’em, but my mouse finger is itching to do some spoiler searching on the ‘Net. Even worse is the fact that certain parts of the world have already seen Part 3 of our current story, “La Bomba,” so it’s there for the asking. Personally I think the show will end with the birth of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun’s child, seen floating over the Earth in a starchild bubble…or Zhann will return, zap that jerk Stark and save everyone by putting them into a love-everyone-stasis, and there will be no war. Or the Ancients will be revealed as men in black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who’ll show up and send John back in time to before he left Earth, wiping his memory and putting everything to right.

So little time.

The Wormhole returns on March 17th.